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Men Eat Men

Ever heard the word cannibalism? Bet you've heard it, or read it, but please not practicing it, haha. Well, to start things, it is just a complete absurd topic to discuss actually since it involve practices of cutting and eating human flesh in pure raw condition or perhaps, masak lemak cili api. Hahahahaha lame joke.

Anyway, as written above, cannibalism is generally the act of eating other human. The main reason why do people resort to cannibalism are vary but there are 3 main motivations la. 1st, cannibalism for nutrition and desperate times. 2nd, cannibalism for revenge and traditions and lastly cannibalism purely by criminal mind and thoughts.

In some area, the sources of meat and protein are very scarce and precious and thus they developed the taste and lust for human flesh. However, some tribes practice cannibalism as a method of revenge or punishment for crimes, or traditional ritualistic, or even magic.

The Reason Behind

Contohnya, ada satu kaum Wari dalam kawasan hutan Amazon. They practiced cannibalism till the late 0f 1950's. Wari famous sebab habit makan musuh dan juga saudara yang dah mati. Kalau yang makan musuh tu, lebih pada tindakan celebration. Tapi, the act of eating dead relatives are more to...respect. In their society, burial is not accepted and they believe that when a person die, every belongings need to be destroyed. Including his remain. They believe that this will prevent the soul from being attached to the remaining property or body thus make them free to be reborn as pigs. Solution? Eat the body. Problem solved.

Ada juga belief yang mengatakan kalau makan badan orang especially bahagian yang tough dan penuh hard- strong muscle maka pemakan tu akan serap kekuatan muscle tu. And tak kurang juga yang percaya dengan makan orang, maka orang itu akan hidup dan become part of him in his body. Macam game la pulak.

In modern civilization like this 20th century, cannibalism still exist and running. Haha. Jangan ingat dah pupus, ada lagi....Anyway, the motivation for cannibalism in the 20th century, well mostly are done by twisted minds who had troublesome past and traumatic and abusive childhood life. There are some cases where the perpetrators are just purely sadistic and sick, but mostly are not. Some cases, cannibalism just happened because of desperate times. No foods for weeks, no meats, no nothing. Only flesh, but in human form. That look tasty and saviour enough.
So, dalam dunia ni, banyak sudah kes2 cannibalism yang terjadi. Dari zaman classics, sampai la ke new millenium.


The Aztecs

In their religious belief, Gods only give blessings after they offer some sacrifices. And sacrifices are in human form, sometimes seorang dua, sometimes hundreds and maybe thousands. Kenapa bukan bentuk mainan, emas, kambing, ayam-saya tak tahu. Awalnya, they will pierce their body parts as a sort of pleasing their Gods. Later, they resort to giving fresh- beating human hearts to Gods.

You ever watched Apocalypto? Remember the scene when the hero and his friends were led to the top of the pyramid and slaughter one by one? Yes that's what they in reality did during sacrificing ceremony. Cabut jantung bawak keluar, bakar. Badan pulak ditolak jatuh bawah biar golek2 turun tangga. Kalau mangsa tu noble guys, or very brave people, so his body will be carried down the steps. Kind of respect maybe. Oh, the bodies yang jatuh golek2 tu, diorang akan potong2 dan masak dan makan. For them, the greatest delicacies of all is human flesh. Favourite parts? Hands and thighs.

Depiction, in graphic.


The Alexander 'Sawney' Beane Family

Then in the modern time...plenty to story. Such as...the Alexander Sawney Bean. The Bean family. Cerita diorang, macam tak lojik. Started with Alex separating himself from his family and subsequently met a girl. They went to live together-in a cave. A deep cave that was so inconvenient to live in- it will be flooded twice a day (it's near the ocean). Their food resource- human. Mana2 orang yang lalu jalan depan gua itu akan ditangkap dan jadi makanan.

This practice was well run for 3 generations. Alex, anak dia, cucu dia. Hensem. So, about 40+ family members all raised with human flesh as food. Nothing else. Finally they got cought when they miscalculated a raid. Outnumbered, they treat back to their cave and their fate was sooner than later, sealed. With an army of 400 men armed with muskets and swords, they stormed the cave and what they saw was true hell. Imagine butcher shops, but along the deep cave. The family did try to resist, but obviously failed. They were tortured and given slow, painful death. Suits their own evil deeds done to their victim. Oh this story happened in the 17th century.

The entrance of the cave


Isei Sagawa

Ini adalah satu daripada beberapa kisah kanibal yang outstanding dalam memori. Ringkasnya, this is about a Japanese student nama Isei Sagawa. Isei ni, seorang yang nerd la senang cerita. Kurus panjang, pakai spek, muka nerd, cakap lembut cam pmpuan. Nerd lah. Waktu dia kecik, dia ada mimpi/harapan (?) yang dia dan abang dia dimasuk dalam periuk, dimasak hidup2 untuk jadi dinner someone's else. Memang psycho. Sejak tu, he always had a dream of devouring young, white, tall and beautiful European woman.

The chance came when he was in his university at Japan. He had a woman German lecturer, beautiful and tall. One day he sneaked to her apartment and found her sleeping with minimum clothes. Aroused, he searched for an object to stab or knock her out. Fortunately for the lecturer, she woke up. She screamed and that screaming made Isei fled the place. Close enough

However, his breakthrough came a few years after that when she studied at Paris. Majoring in Literature and languages, she had a classmate named Renee Hartevelt, a bright-intelligent Dutch woman. He seduced her with his knowledge and literature, and it was not long till she came to had a dinner with him at his place. When she left, dia jilat balik pinggan, chopstick yang Renee guna. Feeling high,he decided next time she'll be in his stomach.

And the day arrived. Same story as before, but this time she was asked to sit in japanese style and read poems. He recorded her poem reciting, and as she finished he shot her at the head. And there it was a beautiful white tall fresh meat in the shape of a women. Next, he cut her body slice by slice, at whichever part that he desired at that time. Breasts, thighs, arms, anywhere. Sambil makan, sambil layan bacaan poem Renee tadi. Oh lupa , sebelum potong2 tu, he had sex with her dead body dulu. Eh ke dah potong sket baru buat? Anyway, bila dah simpan stok dalam peti ais, balance body tu camna? Kasi potong2 dan muat dalam beg pakaian.

Tapi Sagawa ni gelabah lebih. Sampai kat tasik, dia nak campak beg tu tapi berat sangat. Time struggle nak angkat beg tu, orang dah mula perhati. Takut dan cuak tahap meletup, dia lari dan tinggalkan beg tu. Bangang. Next few days, he got caught but miraculously he was let free thanks to the loophole in laws and a bit of influence from his father power.

What happened next, was sick. He returned to Japan and showered with publicity, and fame, and money. He published/commercialized anything that can be milked out from the Renee case. He give interviews, tv shows, talks, draw comics, draw portraits, anything. He even star in porno movies. And now he is living peacefully. Mindfuck sungguh. Japanese people are weird. Extremely weird.

Sagawa in his glamour days

Rantau Berdekatan?

Maybe some of you will ask- is there any act of cannibalism in Malaysia. From my little knowledge of it, I believe Malaysia is still safe from it. No reports of cannibalism yet in Malaysia. Kalau paling dekat pun, kes Mona Fandey kerat mangsa kepada 18 pieces. Anyway, Thailand and Indonesia do have records of cannibalism. China? Mesti ada. Sup bayi pun ada.

Dalam kes2 kanibalisme yang jadi, kebanyakan pelaku akan mengatakan bahawa daging manusia yang dimakan itu terasa istimewa dan memberi satu macam tenaga yang unik. Some even claim that human flesh is a bit tough than beef or chicken. Some even cooked with onions, make soup of human head. Mostly, consume it rare.

Sad, Cold Truth

Kalau difikirkan dari otak logik manusia biasa- apa kejadahnya makan badan manusia? Takde benda lain nak makan dah ke? Yes it is unacceptable for us, but strangely it is the delicacies of the highest level for the cannibal. As stated before, most of the cannibal (modern time) are trouble-minded people. From the early ages they had been exposed to abuses and lack of love. Albert Fish, Ed Kemper, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ed Gein, all had trouble childhood and the lack of love and care from their parents. So, untuk mengelakkan lahirnya criminal2 macam your children~ Haha it sounded absurd, but that's the truth.

Ouh, kalau dalam Islam (if i'm not wrong, kalau salah, correct me), tak apa untuk makan daging manusia tetapi hanyalah pada masa darurat dan terdesak yang amat sangat. Just for the minimum continuity of energy needed to live. Hopefully, keadaan darurat tu tak akan tiba di Malaysia. Anyway, you have the gut to eat someone's gut?

-End of Story-

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