Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Random Scribblings (part II)

Akhirnya, saya sudah sampai ke penghujung hidup di UKM. No, not yet. Just the beginning of the end. Mula terasa sedih dan sayang. Hm...

Cait, baru mula the last semester dah touching. Awal lagi bang. Cool.

Anyway, I feel really blessed. Compare my life now with my life before...I can conclude that now I feel better. It might be just the mind perception, but doesn't matter. Because,

My last sem result is okay la. Yes the definition of okay is relative and subjective to each person's interpretation. But for me, it fell to 'not the worst scenario'. That means, I can certainly gets better this semester. My last semester.

I live in a double room this semester (and also last semester). But my roomate never showed up. His name is in the system, but he never been in the room. Good for me. I like. Double bed to switch whenever I like. Full privacy to do whatever I want. Hahahaha. But of course there are disadvantages. No soul to talk to, lonely, no one to wake me up, over privacy problem. Haha, I can live with this.

I had bought a pair of dumbbells. Really worth it I tell you. Not saying that now I am a lot tougher than before cause it will be an obvious lie, but I'm working towards it. Yes I have weakness- eating. But not bad considering everyday I work out. And the extra space in the room, really ease up my indoor exercise program.

My PC is back to it's former health, with a cooler and better fan. Means, there won't be any glitches-hang-stuck whenever I don't wish it to happen.

Though my PC is alive again, still my desire to gaming is fading... and fading...and fading. I have lots of games inside my PC but they are not desirable enough for my eyes and heart lately. Assassins Creed Revelation tadi main pun tak sampai sejam. Tutup game, sambung baca Epic of Hang Tuah. Me getting old maybe...

This past months I have her, etched in my heart. Hehehehe.

By her, I get involved in something new. Learning Mandarin. Never in my mind I imagine myself learning Mandarin. Never. Well, Allah knows better than me.

She taught me some phrases bit by bit. Not the appropiate step-by-step learning, but by introducing me with phrases, common phrases. After a few lessons, I found that...MANDARIN NI BANYAK MAIN INTONASI. Sesunnguhnya, ada banyak aspek nada dan intonasi yang boleh bawak makna berbeza biarpun perkataannya sama 100%. Main naik bukit, turun bukit, junam bukit, bukit flat. Aeeihh stresss!! Haha~

Learning in progress

Betul lah orang kata, nak belajar kena ada minat dan semangat. Kalau kena paksa belajar, contohnya sebagai PB, ugh mesti tido sokmo.

So... wo hoei jia you!! (tak tau eja macam mana, ampun!)

From that, no wonder lah bahasa melayu pada zaman dulu kalanya adalah lingua franca. Sebab setahu saya, bahasa melayu sangat senang kalau dibandingkan dengan bahasa jerman, english, spanish, mandarin, korea, jepun dan arab. Tak hairan juga anne2 di mapley mampu faham order customer eventhough baru ja sampai Malaysia.

Oh not to forget, I started to listen (again, after a gap of 8 years) to Beyond, a rock band from Hong Kong. My brother Pahlavi got two same albums (1 he bought first, 2nd his student gave him as a gift). I borrowed one and rip it into my PC. Lagu2 Beyond ni sangat best. Biarpun sepatah haram saya tak paham, tapi music is universal my friend. Letakla bahasa Zimbabwe pun kalau lagunya dan melodi sedap, sedaplah ia di telinga pendengar.

Hoho, now my neighbors must be wondering. 'Gila apa brader ni? Sat Jepun, sat English, sat Jerman, sat Melayu, sat Indon, sat Korea, sat Cina pulak?'

Hopefully, I can maintain this feel good factor atmosphere. Thank you Allah for all the things You had arranged for me. Alhamdulillah.


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