Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sains Kimia 08/09 - 10/11 UKM

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To all my coursemates,

First of all I would like to say congratulations to each and everyone of you for your soon-to-be gaduate of UKM in pure chemistry. It is an honourable and rewarding title for all the hardships and struggle that all of you had endured in these past 3 years. No one has the rights to deny it. Congratulations.

Looking back to the past 3 years we'd been together, I must say that I enjoyed and treasured all the time we spent together. Be it in the lecture halls, in small classes, at cafes, at the restaurants or even in Facebook world all those moments are precious for me. There are roughly 60 plus pupil in our batch and I believed that now I knew at least each and everyone of your face and a bit of your characters. Honestly, It was not an easy feat considering my nature of 'budak jahat' here.

It truly was a great life experience. I still remember the day when I had decided to pick Chemistry as my major and by His willing I got it, at UKM. It was like a truly blessed reward. I picked it as the first choice and indeed it happened.

Fast forward to the first week in the first year.

Those days, everyone was brimming with excitement and anxiety. The first impression- UKM was truly big and so do FST. Getting lost in finding classes and lecture halls were common problems for us. Hahaha... and not to forget one Physical Chemistry class at 129BB. We were a bit early so we had to wait at the corridor. That 10 minutes of waiting was my first analyse of my coursemates. Everyone looked innocent, girls with books and files at their hands. Hahaha..even I mistaken Zaff as a 'kekwat' guy at that time. Well, first impressions never do justice.

And so time flies, slowly and swiftly. From a bunch of junior we upgraded to senior. From the innocent faces we showed bored/ tired faces (not everyone, pardon me). We changed. Some of us became more focused and determined, some became more enjoying and relax. But whatever we did, we were happy with it.

In truth, I did enjoyed and relax. It might be too much but that was what happened. Slowly I realized that I became a burden to some of my friends. I didn't ask for money, but academic matters. Assignments, notes, attendances, anything. Unconsciously it became a bad habit. Yes I did tried to change but impossible it was to change radically and fully. The habit was there.

With that I would like to apologize to all my friends that I had burdened you with me asking for your assignments, lab reports, lecture notes, signing attendances and so on. I really feel sorry if you feel hard done by me. You might said yes on that time but deep inside only you know it. So again, I am sorry.

At classes I was the regular late-comer that enter through the back door. Sitting in the back seat means I couldn't really knew those who were at the front. Less communication and less interaction bred unfamiliarity with them. Inversely, I became more common and close with those at the back. When you were at the back you tend to do things that supposedly safe. So I did all those things- sleeping, eating, talking, sms-ing, stalking, dreaming, anything. Again, I apologize if my activities did affect your concentration.

Talk about friends. I had made lots of friends amongst us. I don't know why but it seems like I am quite easy in getting into groups and starting conversations. I believe I don't have enemies too amongst us. Friends really made my day. They are one of the reasons why I went to class, why I feel spirited and challenged too. They compliment me.

Honestly I am closer to male friends than female. Such nature is normal right? Well, to name some of my friends..

Pak An. Aku mula kenal ko entah bila pun tak tau. Muka ketat gila macam aku jugak kot. Kalau tanya apa2 pun jawab sepatah dua ja. Hahaha, makin lama makin kenal, oklah. Jenis mengarut jugak ni.

Hariz. 1st year dan 2nd year aku tak kenal sangat ko. Tak rapat pun. Masuk 3rd year baru mula interaksi. Mungkin sebab komputer kot? Hahahaha...tak kedekut apa2 pun, kalau aku mintak mesti bagi punya. And kaki bola yang serius.

Eg. Mula kenal masa 2nd year. Nampak serius dan fokus dalam study. Masuk 3rd year selalu study skali. Baik hati, selalu juga tolong aku. Plus ko nampak macam kaya sket, selalu tukar2 henpon.

Din. Ini misteri. Result gempak tapi dalam kelas bila diajak merapu memang on!! Selalu layan lawak ngarut aku, dan selalunya dia yang mulakan dulu jugak. Sirius respek, result gempak tapi tak memilih kawan. Sanggup jadi kawan aku.

Zaff. Awalnya aku nampak macam kekwat, then bila kenal ko baru tahu ko ni super baik. Mungkin aku culture shock kot awal2 dulu. Selalu study sama2 dulu, selalu gila tolong aku dan bagi moral support.

Sopi. Paling gila2 dalam batch. Mula2 nampak macam susah nak sembang sebab macam tak tau apa ko fikir, haha. Then lama2 memang boleh cop dah. Ko ni senang sekali untuk melawak bersama. Tak lokek jugak dalam menolong.

Poh. Paling cool dalam kelas. Suka buat benda yang rare tapi dia tak kisah langsung. Sebenarnya ramai orang takut ngan Poh. Tapi sebenarnya Poh ni straight forward orangnya dan baik. Respek sama kamu.

Dan kesemua kawan2 perempuan..Geng Amin (Nabil n co), geng Kris Mas (Ayu n co. dan Amirah n co.), Wahida, Anim n co, geng Zakba Dja n co, Gamelan sisters Paan dan Aini, geng ustazah Mariam n co, Cik Kina, Wani, Ilie,Tata, Veno,Priya, Sue n co, dan kesemuanya. Sayang sekali kawan2 Chinese tak sempat nak rapat, bila hujung2 ni tapi dah terlambat sket.

About our activities together, yes I really enjoyed spending time with you. All those activies- Sukaneka, Hari Keluarga Kelab Kimia, Lawatan ke Forensik Ofis, Hari Keluarga Pusat Kimia, Berbuka Puasa di Nims 2 kali, BBQ kat PD...those are nice memories to hold on.

To all my friends, I want to apologize if I was too loud/annoying/childish. Maybe it was my nature self, talking and joking and being loud. Maybe that's the reason why some of you enjoyed my story telling session. I don't know.

For the next 2 semesters I will surely miss all of you. There will be no more friends to help signing attendances, borrow assignments and study group together. Most importantly, there will be no friends to hang out, talk, jokes, laugh and eat together. I had seen the seniors who extended and how they fared in classes. It was disheartening. Came alone, sit alone, stay quiet and return alone. Struggle when in need of group assignment. And those looks from juniors..understandable.

Whatever happens I will face it strong. It is coming and it will not change no matter how badly I complain. It is my causes and consequences.

Ah...I think this has gone too long. I need to stop here. Hopefully, we all will achieve our dreams just like what Prof Yang repeatedly said. Your journey here is nearly finished but mine is still far from it. Anything, I hope we will never forget that we are friends and may God bless us all.

Farewell, my friends. Thanks and till we meet again.

-End of story-


Anonymous said...

sob3...ceday oo bce entry strong is~!walaupun kitorang daa xde next sem,tp jgn pernah give up k...troskan pjuangan...kitorang pon nk ko bjaye gak..juz cpat or lmbt 2 sume ketentuan Allah...=)

HBO said...

Setiap perkara yang berlaku ade hikmahnya. Kalau aku keje dekat2 sini,aku dtg la melawat ko nnt :D

Ct DJa said...

touching kot! hukk~ xpe2, nnti kita boleh jumpa lagi n still boleh plan hang out after tis kan? alah, malaysia je punnn. :DD

say- O said...

sem last ni dah cukup lama tempoh untuk aku reflect balik. thanks=)

say- O said...

h:aku pecaya pada tuhan, walaupun aku bukan hamba yang bagus.

tapi still promote lagu queen!hehehe~~

say- O said...

dja: yes dear, ni benda yang lama aku nak cakap ngan korang semua. anyway, thank you dija!!=)

nur wahida said...

da macam wasiat panjangnye~

nur wahida said...

ok dah baca fully~
bak kate aiesya jamil> u were never alone,hahaha..
teruskan usaha anda,
next 2 sem iskanda akan jadi busy sebusynye,kalah bini obama! gudluck!~

*u got kosmet nama mcm aq~

Shaofie said...

sedih is aku baca nih. thanx for the flashback memories. jumpe ko next sem! hahaha..

ecahmiaishika said...

*sebak*x tipu~~~thanx and sowry k=)
yess~~i agree~~u r frenly that can easily get into discssion~~really2 fun to have talk with u=)

say- O said...

wahida:hahaha~aku akan cuba bz kan diri untuk 2 sem seterusnya.

sopi: jumpa next sem!!!

say- O said...

ecah: thanx and sorry jugak~see u again!!

pika syafiqah said...

all da best dpt kwn cm ko..seyes!keep in touch ok :DD

Poh said...

Apa yang perlu ditakutkan dengan aku? Tak faham betul.

say- O said...

pika: thanks, all d best tu u 2!

poh: haha, ada lah.


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