Thursday, April 7, 2011

In Only Seven Days

Starting from last weekend till now, one thing that is sure. My love to them grew larger than ever. I didn't expect it to be like that, but it happened. Maybe that's what people called unconditional love, hahahaa.

Oh one more thing for sure. Susah gila nak study. Dayyum.


Lately i had been eating too much. Lunch and dinner is ok. But the mapley session. Wee-hours treat.Memang seronok sebab dapat lepak2 dengan mereka seperti gambar di bawah. Tapi damn you Fareez Maju. Aku gemuk sebab korang lah. Nak kena bako la mapley ni.


I feel that Formspring is one hell of a risk game. You get to answer questions that are set by your friends or whoever anonymous that want to with your own risk of personal integrity being put at stake. Ye lah dah selalunya soklan pasal jiwang la, pasal diri sendiri terhadap member la..semua yang kasi panas punya. Tak jawab rasa macam takda telur. Jawab pula akan mengundang soklan2 berantai. Whatever.


Forks. My love to PC games is rising. Rising when the examination is around the corner. Dayyum. Tak guna sungguh. Currently controlling myself from over dedicating too much love to Ezio Auditore in masterminding his plan in liberating Roma and fighting the Templars. See? I'm a game geek.


Yesterday I had a PES 2011 match against a new challenger. For about a week I left the game but still...double win in 3-1 and 2-0. Anyone else interested to try your skills? Feel free to come to my room. Tak jauh pun, K11A 206 Burhan je.


My affection towards Queen grew deeper as time goes by. Especially when I heard this one particular song. My Fairy King. It truly is a work of genius (IMO). The song is all about a fairy kingdom that initially was blooming and at peace but one night was destroyed and corrupted by a group of men...ah you need to listen and understand the song!


Itu sajalah. Semoga kamu semua sihat sejahtera dan dilindungi Tuhan. Amin.

-End of story-


nur wahida said...

im sure that you ady got what u want in urlife~

say- O said...

not really...


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