Thursday, May 12, 2011


You know, there are certain things that can keep disturbing you. though they are small matters, but the smaller the more kick you get rite?

To start with..

1) wake up early everyday only to rush later when there's only 15 minutes from 8 am. Morning rush.

2) you know her. everyday you meet her. and you sent friend request through Facebook. With pure innocent intention just to befriend with her. but days passes, no respond. and everyday you see in front of your eyes- she opens facebook. then she acts like nothing happen. understand what i mean/ think?

3) you work in a new and unfamiliar community. you enjoy it very much. however your colleagues are not so...'friendly.' you feel neglected, oftenly left behind. as if you are nothing. a ghost. that can be feel but impossible to touch. you try to communicate, but you can feel that they are not interested. answering for the sake of answering.

4) back-talking.back- stabbing. farkher. this one is typical malay girl characteristic. gossip girl. sesunggunhnya ia amat annoying bila ianya ditujukan pada diri anda walhal anda langsung tak menyakitkan hati mereka.

And the most annoying scenario-

When all 4 criteria happen to me. Recently.

But all is well. I'd gone through this before. No reasons why this will spell armageddon to me. Nothing shall stop me.

-End of story-


DeeZire Fashion said...

1)Then,sleep earlier,wake up earlier.Don't have to rush.
2)maybe your profile photo in facebook are not same with the actual face,thats y she can't recognize u.haha.She know you also?Then just ask her to approve you in front of her.No harm.
3)Stil need time to warm up la.Keep it up~
4)Common thing to happen especially in the working community.I worked 3 times officially n evrytime sure like dat ,this one backmouth bout dat one,then dat one backstab dis one..jz round n round.haha.Jz try to avoid any politics in it dats all.Atas sure very pro with it. Jia you ! Ini hanya internship,blum lagi kerja yg btul2~wahahha

nur wahida said...

sabaq naaaa!~

say- O said...

dah ok da sikit..

say- O said...

serdang: everythings getting better. no worry at all. as i said at the last part, i know what to do. and all is well according to plan.

thanks anyway~

~**Raw Honey**~ said...

><)/ bila laa say o balik ukm ni....

say- O said...

nanti sem baru say0 ada la...haha


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