Monday, August 16, 2010

Will He? Will He Not?

Ok, imagine this.

There's a guy named Ryan. He has a big cotton factory. His business went from good to worst. In the early years, he was getting huge profit. But that was history, now is what really matters. Last year, his business was like falling from grace. There were too many problems, be it externally nor internally- caused reason.

Shareholders turning their back on him, workers unpaid for several months, disciplinary problems, family disorder, and all of those were attributed by his own mistakes felt like too much on him. But behold, Ryan is not a weak person. He is a man made of deep ego and confidence. He believed in himself. He sees, and he knows that he can do it, he seriously feels that he can turn the situation around. All that he needs is unity and support from his affiliates. And most of all, time.

However, things didn't really went as it planned.

He was told by the shareholders that he only had 3 months to stabilize and gaining profits again. Or else, his cotton factory will be history. Starting from there, doubts startes running through his mind,

"My God...that's too short even just for stabilizing.."

"What will happen to me if I fail..?"

"My family, my wife, my are they going to live if I fail..?"

"Can I do it..?"

Well, will Ryan succeed? or, will he not?


mikhaelahmad said...

insyallah. hahaha, it depends whether he manage to get support from his family, i guess.

say- O said... all will cme back to him: is he strong enough? all that he needs is faith and self-belief.


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