Friday, October 14, 2011

When You See Life, You'll See Beauty

Alhamdulillah. Syukur pada Tuhan.


Betul lah kata orang. Membaca membuka minda.

Minda yang tertutup adalah amat merbahaya kepada masyarakat. Penting sekali, kepada diri sendiri.

You can gain knowledge and lessons from other medium such as movies, documentaries, games and of course-experience. But in terms of input received,

Two hours of movies and documentaries can't beat 2 hours of reading books. Not to mention video games.

We all had been in dark times. We all. Even Nabi Muhammad (pbuh) himself was greatly put into strain test of resilience and above all- faith during his colourful life.

In the not so distant past, I was in one of my darkest period of time. My self confidence was low, my spirit was weak and I felt like floating around, aimlessly and carelessly. However,

All is not lost.

Precious advices from my brothers are the key to my revival (a bit too much perhaps?haha). I am lucky to have 2 lovely brothers with different personalities but one thing for sure- they do care about their younger brothers. Thank you my brothers. YENUWA!

And one of the thing that they said was, " Try to read books. Bangsa berjaya adalah bangsa yang membaca."

At first I was slow in starting it. Cuma fikir "ok pelan2 lah~." How wrong I was.

Reading can ease your mind. Reading can enlarge your view of the world. Reading can get you something new. Reading can motivate you. Reading can give you limitless possibilities. Reading is power.

But be aware, don't become a nerd whose life revolving only books, books and books. Be social, get mix with people. Stay healthy. Play sports. Satu lagi pesanan dari abang aku. Very true indeed. And don't forget your Tuhan.

Just yesterday I finished reading The Secret- The Power. My brother (and my young and vigorous professor) advised me (us, when we were in her class) to be careful with the book since it's like a pedang bermata dua. Boleh membawa kebaikan dan keburukan jika tidak berhati- hati. Jujurnya, buku itu sangat bermakna dan membantu dalam proses rehabilitisi saya.

The book suggest us to be full of gratitudes. It suggest us to be thankful for everything. It suggest us to be full of love and forgiving. It suggest us to throw away all the hatred and negative vibes in our hearts and feelings. It suggest us to give more. It suggest us to dream big, for it will surely come to reality.

Then from this book, I started to have a long look at myself. Some of my characters are negative while some are positives. At times, I was too pessimist and a doom-sayer type of person. The book said that if you think negative and feel negative, you'll get back negativity. So, I decided to change. Bit by bit. I'm no robot or angel.

I want to end the cold war with them. I don't want to drag my loved ones to endless dark tunnel. I'm ready to be submissive. I'm ready to be forgiving.

So much more knowledge I gained from reading. The Hizbullah party, the collection of letters through war period, the fictional novels that give extra creativity to my mind. All had contributed to me being grateful- for I am living in a peaceful period and having a comfortable life.

At last, I just feel relaxed and embracing new day with smiles and gratitudes. I want to etched this feeling here. Just as this song below played to me. Lovely.

Relax, take a deep breath and enjoy the moment. The future is not for us to worry, because today is what shaped tomorrow.


Hazal-san said...

it true then
"what you read will be what you are"

Semoga Allah permudahkan kau bangkit dari zaman gelapmu.

say- O said...

yes agree. dan actually banyak lagi kan yang perbandingan macam tu. you are what u eat, you are who your friends are.

oh aku sudah banyak jauh dari zaman kegelepan yang lepas. masih ada sikit2, tapi in progress. yeah baby!


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