Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Secret- The Power (and I know its dangerous?)

There's nothing impossible in this world. You are meant to have a good life. You are the magnet that pull everything towards you. You are the centre of your life. You have the ability to have anything you want.

All you have to do is imagine it, feel it, receive it. Imagine that you have it, feel that you already possess it. Feel the touch, the smell, the shape, the happiness of having it. Then you'll receive it. Don't burden yourself by wondering how it will come to reality. The universe have it's own way of delivering it to you. Just believe. Have faith.

Let yourself full of positive feelings, aura and thoughts. Don't think negative, throw away all negativity from your life, your mind. Because when you think of negativity even by denying it (i don't want to), actually you are calling it to you. So, embrace your life with love. Full of love. Love is the power that move the world. Love is the reason of all positive feelings in the world

Not to forget, be gratitude. Say thank you for everything that happen to you. Thank you for the food. Thank you for I am still breathing. Thank you for the friends that I have. Thank you for the money. Thank you for the service. Thank you for everything.

Less to forget, give more. Because what you give, you'll get back. And mostly, you'll get more than what you had given. Don't be selfish.

For this world revolve in the law of attraction.


Well, sounds familiar right?


~**Raw Honey**~ said...

"...give more. Because what you give, you'll get back. And mostly, you'll get more than what you had given. Don't be selfish."

This is so true !!! xD

say- O said...

yeah so true.yang penting honest and give with love. bukan niat menunjuk.

you see, almost everything that this book suggest are actually the fundamental of Islam, the amal ma'rof things. that's why my lecturer really suggest us to read this book (The secret and the power).

Hazal-san said...

yup apa yg dia ckp tu betul. Cuma bezanya kita perlu kaitkan semua dgn Allah. Bersyukur kepada Allah. Think positive bila musibah datang sbb Dia Maha mengetahui. dan mcm2 lgi.

say- O said...

yeah absolutely! tu yang aku tulis sounds familiar right? hahaa~

just believe that one way or another Allah will show the way for us to take and grab the chances

Pawi said...

Sebenarnya konsep dalam buku nie basically sgt familiar dan "betul". Think positive, yakin boleh dan lain². But, there is something sinister at the end of the book I'm refering to "Secret". Offcause ini bukan sebahgian dr dokumen the Arrival, tp kalu dah statement "God created us in his own image" pun dah disalah tafsir, maka perlu lah berhati².
Walau apa pun, konsep dia memang betul , "yakin boleh", prasangka baik pada tuhan, berdoa (bcos kata² itu doa) dan lain². Ia sgt berkesan bila dah berkerja dan dlm kehidupan harian.

say- O said...


konsep betul, flow dia pun okay dan tak lari dari agama. tambah tuhan dan faith saja lagi.

thanks awi!


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