Monday, October 10, 2011

A Quick Thought

Honestly, I am a man with a very high ego. Seriously.

Previous incidents had proved it. Convocation, friendship, relationship, love story, eating, exercise. Each and every one of it had confirmed me as a person with a high ego.


Do I have the, the will to at least reluctantly apologize for something that I think was not a fault at all?

Not only that, that one apologize may just clean their name a bit. Yeah, maybe. Worthy, right?

So, now it come to this final battle.

My pride vs Possibility of acceptance.

Which one?


sibiru said...

tentang apa ni iskandar?

miaishika said...

istikharah~~dont raise your ego to cover up your pride.its no necessary...and remember acceptance doest nor mean u lose your ego...think wisely

ruangh said...

uit bulat. hehe. ko xda pun ea masa kitorang semua konvo? ko xdatang ea tengok? aku dah tukar blog. be my follower taw!

say- O said...

a'a: one of my deepest disappointment is my inability to react fast in helping you.

say- O said...

adah: yeah aku tak g. hahahaahhaha! ok aku akan follow. hahahahahaha!

ecah: thought of that too. need time. need space. need calmness.


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