Wednesday, July 14, 2010

God is Merciful

Pembaca sekalian,

Have you ever heard the word "lifeline"?

Have you ever been being in the situation of near death? no, maybe it is too exaggerated. Or perhaps, near complete breakdown caused by the inability to control something that is really important in near future?

What hurts more is the incompetency was hugely created by, yes, there's no one else.

Created by you yourself. By your own mistakes in the past.

History is the lessons for tomorrow. People used to say "learn from the past, experience is the best teacher."

Well, those are words spoken by the positive- thinking guy. They tend to leave the more 'uninspiring' phrases. One that is well known , originally from Malay language is,

Sejarah mungkin berulang.

For me, I just did that thing. I let history repeat again, make me suffer once again. It will be foolish to think that I don't want to improvise but then things just didn't get in full motion. I could foresee the implication, but I can't quite find the motivation, the spirit to fight and resist.

And so I lose.

However, God is Merciful to His creations. He never forgets His creations, it is us who tends to ignore Him especially when life is good.

And today, God saved me once again. Saved me from the exact same problem and mistakes that I amassed before. Two times lucky is more than enough, and I don't want to make a hat- trick. The risk is too high.

I will make the most from this great escape handed by God again.Thank you, thank you and thank you. God gave me the second lifeline here. Surely, this is one big prove that

God is Merciful.


redbean said...

supo blog mat salleh da! :D

say- O said...

hahaha!!!sekali sekala ber-BI!!


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