Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sing Without You

A man was standing alone a shady room. His face looks confusion.

Suddenly out of nothing, a mysterious silhoutte appeared. He offered salvation to the man.

The man, without hesitating, spoke.

"i don't know..i don't like this awkwardness between me and her. i really don't want this. we are...complicated. Can you just make us as what we were before? i really appreciate it if you can"

And the sillhoute murmured some weird spell, the room went pitch black.

The man opened his eyes.


He was late. He rushed to the waiting car. Panting for breath, he sat at the front seat while busy wiping the sweats at his face. Moments later he realized there was one extra girl at the back seat.

"Khairul, ni ada orang baru. Nama dia Wardina."

He turned to see her face. She was smiling.


Smiling, he replied,


Turning his head back, and for a while he can't stop smiling.

No, he really can't stop from smiling.

Sincere and honest smiles.

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