Wednesday, January 19, 2011


This time it's obsession baby!!

Obsession what?

Obsession of slim body. Obsession of ideal weight. Obsession of thinner body. Overall, it's an

Obsession of self-depicted beauty.

I have many friends in UKM, and most of them are surely girls. All these girls are unique and special in terms of physical, intelligence and not to forget spiritual. But one thing they share in common- self awareness of looks.

Yeah I know what you're gonna say..that they are girls/women, they naturally feel and want to be pretty, beautiful, charming, attractive, sexy(yang ni x banyak, sikit sangat), adorable,bla3... but there's one trend that I recognized

They all hate to be fat. They are not so affectionate with the word chubby. So understandably, they are paranoid with their weight.

"Is, aku dah makin gemuk kan?"

"say-o..aku gemuk ar"

perhaps, this is the most cliche of all.

cik x: berat aku naik weih,
aku :berapa?
cik x :3 kilo
aku :dari berapa kilo?
cik x :50 kilo.

............................ doesn't really matter ma... what's the difference between 50 and 53? 3 kilos of fat won't turn you from a beauty queen to a fatty queen . One more thing, guys MOSTLY love fleshy/chubby/ just nice girls. No offence baby.

What's important is how you look. Or maybe (but a bit exaggerated) how people look and feel about you (and your body of course).

Come on, I had plenty of girl-friends who look perfect with their current body but ruined it with extra diet and eating disorder just because of some extra 3-4 kilos they accumulated unconsciously. So, from a perfect it degraded to near perfect. And sometimes it went to as far as sympathy level you know. What a waste.

Talk about diet,hahaha,

There's one more thing I don't get it. Girls really love this type of unique diet-lessen the food quantity (and sometimes cut the meal to once a day!) but with NO EXERCISE. My God...exercise is the most vital part in any diet.

Tanya la mana2 doktor pasal diet, dia mesti akan cakap "you ni kena exercise sket.."

You may lessen the food consumption but you don't hastily speed up the burning of fat in your body. Yet you let it burn slowly by your small-energy-consuming daily activities which mostly consist of lying on the bed, sitting on the chair and sleeping which all are caused by NO ENERGY that result from less food diet.

See, it all form a very unpractical method of dieting. Instead of look healthy and better, you become tired and look more exhausted.

Itu tak kira side effect bagi yang amik pil2 diet.

So, the bottom line is don't feel insecure just beacause you had gain extra 3-4 kilos. They are just numbers. And diet properly (if you want to). That include exercise my dear.

Well, i'm really annoyed because I am not having the privilege to go out and exercise because of my running nose damn it!!

Ai..bila la nak lega..


nur wahida said...

lawak argh!
xtaw lak prmpuan cm tu...
kak leha ker???
laki suke chubby??
tahi la......

say- O said...

leha ka, sapa ka, sama ja.

chubby? yeah baby. dari kering, chubby sket lagi bagus. tak caye sudah.

nur wahida said...

bagos la klw gituh...
sile post kt fb,
sat g bankrup dr rozmey,=)

say- O said...

takpa lepas ni dia buat jus tell-ing-a, jus bagi chubby sket.

nur wahida said...

xmaw bli..
org nk kurus,
ni maw bgi chubby,
bok pa?

say- O said...

ahhahaha..sila jog sambil ikat tayar kat perut.

~**Raw Honey**~ said...

dlm seumur hidup hanye pernah cuba kuruskan bdn 1 kali aja! itu pun hanye cuba=fikir=x buat.
wahahha,sbb sluaq yg entah sape punye kat rumah tu mmg cantik,tp sy x brape nk muat.last2,biaq lah sorg yg x suka jogging.pernah kene drag gi jogging ngan sy tido.mase matrik kene drag lagi~dgn korsmet pulak,jenis kamching tu.huuhu.kene la jugak.pengsan sy sluruh hari sbb jenis short distance runner,klu yg long distance+lama sgt,sy akan pitam,pernah terjadi.wahahaha.klakaq bila fikir balik.

[wahid]byk laki suka perempuan yg best utk dipeluk=berisi sikit.

p/s:sy x pernah cuba berdiet.malah dlm usaha gemukkan diri,sbb mak sy risau sy makin kurus.1 hari mkn 1 kali sbb jimat.oh,mak marah lagi sbb sy jimat sgt.

say- O said...

ahaha..mesti ah...nak peluk kena lah best, hehehe

he?sekali je sehari? makan la banyak skit....beli nasi kosong ngan telur dadar ke. pastu beli kicap botol satu. save wo

nur wahida said...

ya,i think sey o got a good idea of saving money,
no need to pressure ur stomach not to eat,
nasi+telo not cz u much lorh...
but kicap,,erm...xtaw,i dont like kicap,haha!

~**Raw Honey**~ said...

wohohoh.akan cuba lain kali.huuhu~skrg dh makin suka sambal ! blh cicah ngan sambal ~

say- O said...

waktu say-o save budget. ni menu say-o.

pagi: kuih 3 seringgit.

tengahari: nasi kuah campur ngan telur dadar/goreng. balik tambah kicap ngan sos (kalau ada)

malam: sama tengahari.

minum: air kosong.

sehari adala dalam 6 ringgit max.

nur wahida said...

bgus! sudah pndai makan sambal!~
mkn nasi lemak,mintak periuk smbal...

~**Raw Honey**~ said...

whoah ! bagus nye ! blh tiru menu ni ~haha!


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