Friday, December 3, 2010

Sometimes It Just Happens

It was a damp afternoon. I was relaxing at my home while watching TV. There was nothing unusual except there's a girl sitting and watching TV alongside me. She is her. I know her.

And then we went to my room and put our bags at the proper place, nonetheless putting our stuffs. I changed my shirt around her without hesitating much, hahaha. She just smiled and we had a sweet conversation throughout the process.

I loved that short moment.

We had our bath, and had dinner together with my whole family- that included my father, mother, my big brothers (strangely none of my sisters-in-law was there)and my little brother. My God it was the best dinner in my life.. Nothing feels heavenly other than enjoying delicious mum's cooking with the whole family and specially having her beside me.

The night had gone late. My head was like a heavy rock and my eyelids can't hold much longer. Bedroom was likely my saviour. With mumbling words I informed her and she said she wanted to help my mum with some chores so she'll be late. Ah, that's ok. I made my way to the bed and boom-


That happened again.

This time that really occurred with no intention at all.

I dreamed of her again.

I did liked her before, but I know it was totally a wrong feeling to pursue more. She already had someone who firmly is special to her. To make it worst, I know both of them. She and that guy are my friends.

But still, this is the.. 3rd, or maybe.. 4th time she was in my dream.


p/s: I wish them good luck and happiness.


Saya Arif said...

fuiyoh, ni bkn muka awek kt mapley smlm tu ka? haha

Shaofie said...

weh is, lame tak nmpk ko. kat fak pun tak nmpk. adoii.

say- O said...

arip: wuaarrgghhh!! (terus mendukung awek tu pergi)

sopy: haha, aku memang camni. waktu cuti cukup slow progress aku,

anaeeim said...

hahaahaha! awek mapley tu ganas weh! dia nak orang nama apis ja!

say- O said...


leha said...

pompuan 2 lawa.mata dia.ouh.~

say- O said...

haha, betui2. aku nak cari yang lain, tapi yang ni closest to that one.

leha said...

oo0o0uh..dat girl muka ala2 ni lah..mcm indon ja..

say- O said...

gambar pmpuan myanmar tak silap aku

leha said...

hahahah..oklah 2..myanmar..indon..ala2 ok.~

say- O said...

nak letak gambaq melayu tak berapa nak berani.
letak gambaq hang ah?

leha said...

ngahahah.~beza bnyak 2 letak gambaq ku..ank ni..praktikal sket..ngahahaha.~

say- O said...

ok set, nanti aku letak gambaq hang.

aku serius ni.

leha herbert said...

sila lebih praktikal say o..~

say- O said...

practically, itu yang akan terjadi,hehehehe


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