Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What Is Your Deepest Fear?

Human are a great and complex creation by the God. It is accepted that we are His creation's that has the best ability in thinking. The brightest amongst all the creations. The chosen one.

The khalifah.

However, with great abilities comes along great responsibilities. With responsibilities, challenges and tests do drag along. Slowly, this one particular fear came.

Fear of failure.

Yes, that is the deepest fear. A fear of failure. Failure of anything that we pursue but to no avail. Without a hint, when the doubts breed inside our mind, then it's just a matter of time before we were pulled deeper into darkness.

It's like a virus.

Luckily, for every virus there's a method of neutralization. Or perhaps, prevention. To avoid failure, predict the failure. Once you've predicted, you'll absolutely recognize your potential future failure points and you can rectify them earlier hence avoiding them from happening.

Well, there's one big flaw. What if...the person fail to predict? He is too occupied with unimportant things? Or he is in too much comfort zone?

If that is the situation, honestly and humbly I request your opinion.

What will you do to him?



hazal said...

To him,

there is nothing in this world that you can predict correctly except what will you do next.

A little advice from me. I had face the same problem and maybe I'll have to face it again but I hope don't.

Firstly, try to examine your problem. Why you thing that you are in too-much-comfort-zone? Because you think you can solve the problem base on your previous success.

"no achievement that can make the next achievement achieve"

only hardwork and knowledge can achieve anything in this world

You know, Allah gave human a great power. A power to choose. No human in this world is a failure accept he choose to be. and this is connected to things that he did.

Set your goal ALONG with ACTION.

What I am try to say is, control your next ACTION. And this can be control trough your MIND

how to control the mind?

For me the best way to master your mind by mastering "who are your master", Allah, as for Him is the One who creates you, us. So He is the Most Knowing.

my advice, stand up your prayer with most faith you have, and try to correct it. Because you can learn alot just by praying. Even the wises (ulamak) still correcting their good deed.

It's just an advice. If you read it, thank you. If you take what i have just said, insyaAllah you will understand.

May Peace be Upon you my friend
and if you need any help just ask

say- O said...

now i think i know you better hazal san.
hm, maybe i am drifted further from the truth and Him.

i'll try to rectify.

~**Raw Honey**~ said...

I like the comment from Hazal-senpai !

say- O said...

hazal memang orang yang sesuai untuk mintak nasihat secara personal.


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