Friday, December 17, 2010

Am I Good?

Sometimes I do wonder. Am I good? I mean, am I dependable?

I know this is kind of silly to ask, but i don't mind at all. Cause this had been hunting my thought, my consciousness since.. since when? God knows it. Seriously, to be frank,

The answer..I fell like no. No I'm no good. I'm no great. I am not born to be great. I feel I'm average. I'm normal. No special skills, no special abilities, no special charisma, no nothing.

Hahahaha, yes I know that practically sound extra negative, like a sheer loser minded people. Like a preacher predicting and spreading the news of armageddon , " Behold my fellow brothers!! There's nothing more to pursue except for the forgiveness and protection from God as the end is near!! Repent!!" Nothing more to achieve, just accept and pray.

To heaven with it.

Okay, lets review this. Many of my friends say (and believe, I believe) that I'm great in speaking English. They willingly say "ah ko takpe ah cakap BI kencang,"....."hang boleh cakap BI, hang pi depan ah!"....."teacher, dia dapat band 5!!".....

Now, for me I had always thought that- eh ramai lagi yang lagi kencang..budak cina tu lagi hebat...-aku hebat? hebat apanya, sampai depan gagap serupa hang jugak...

Many people said that I am a powerful and capable leader, but I see flaws and trouble during my leadership. Sometimes I tried too hard and things went crazy. Sometimes I let things flow, but they didn't happen like they are meant to be.

Maybe, that's why in Silent Hill Homecoming there's a quote by the main character.

"People tend to believe what they want to believe"

Silent Hill's Pyramid Head: come to papa....

Subsequentlly, that means we have to think, imagine and believe what we want to be and see. With that, those things will surely arrive, or created, or happens, or just be there for us? Wohohow, sounds too easy and unrealistic to happen, nonetheless it happens. Just like this kind of theory.

Hm... seems like there's no direct answer to the main question. Am I good, am I great? Or at least considered as? Oh yeah, almost forgot to say,

I consider, believe and self- acclaimed that I am great in PES 2011!!!!

Of that I'm sure. Anyone to object? You're pleased to do so =)


~**Raw Honey**~ said...

whoah !band 5 !? so nice arh ur examiner giv u high
You are good when u think u r good,while the others do think that u r good too !

leha said...

gambaq 2 semart gila.

say- O said...

serdang: tu la..rasanya memang semua in our head. hehehe. oh band 5, just cukup2 punya markah tu

leha: hang tak main game dia lagi. eh nanti, game ni la inspirasi love suicide dulu.

leha said...


hazal said...

From my perspective, your are a great person. but... not yet enough haha.. but honestly I believe you that you have the potential to be a really great person.

jgn kembg lak haha

say- O said...

dah terlambat!

*kembang dan terus melayang ke langit*


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