Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Will He? Will He Not? (part 2)

Ryan was determined to suceed. He knew there is only on thing that really matters to him- himself. Only then the list goes on- family, friends, acquaintances, country, religion, God.. Like it or not, the situation is there. It is constant, no way he can change the jeopardized condition now.

He has to be a fighter. He needs to fix it.

And so he struggled. Working hard day and night, his efforts seems to reap rewards. But life is not always sweet..

His company's financial had dropped deeper into enormous fall pit. That really saddened him down. Situation really didn't look like getting better regardless of how much effort did he put into. To put more misery, he started to self doubt himself again.

Along his life that span around 42 years, he knew too well who is the worst enemy. It is he himself. That philosophy was taught to him by his father and further proved through his life experience. The power of self belief is monstrous. It can make you a warrior and, and it can turn you to a sore loser.

He knew it. He knew it.

He knew that he started to losing it.

He knew that he was on track becoming that much loathed sore loser.

And he knew that he had no one to turn into for help.

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