Monday, April 2, 2012

A Wish Too Far

I wish,

I can have a time stopper. Or a time slower. Or better, I can have Doraemon. Let him unleash all his wonderful gadgets. Let the time stops. Let the time slows down. Let there be no interference.

I want to go to a garden, a garden that has a lake in the middle of it. I want to go there, find a spot near the lake and lie these books that I deeply want to explore. Atlas Shrugged, Epic of Hang Tuah, The Fountainhead and The Art of War.

I know such a garden exist. And I do know where it is located. Just that, I don't have quite the time. 24 hours seems like too short but hey, everyone is given equal time.

Just wait, i'll do it. I'll make it real. Lakeside reading.

I'll do it.

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