Thursday, March 15, 2012

Football- The Damn United

Yesterday I had just finished watching The Damn United. Review? SUPERB. Now I know (a bit la) who Brian Clough is. Truly legend. A man capable of taking any midget team to become a champion. Derby County from the bottom of 2nd division rise to the top, get promoted and the next season handsomely became champion. In a flow. Just awesome. Ok itu tak cerita lagi pasal Nottingham Forest yang menang European Cup (Champions League) 2 seasons berturut- turut.

Movie wajib tonton untuk semua football fans

Pengajaran yang saya dapat dari movie ni?

Ego. Ego itu penting untuk leader. Penting untuk ketua. Penting untuk manager. Brian Clough is one hell of a confident and ego man. He doesn't care what people say, he doesn't care if his methods are complete alien compare to the others. He believed in himself and his methods. Not to say charismatic too.

Ego juga. Players ego. Some players are superstars, and superstars have their own level of ego. This 'player power' is actually what cause Brian his job at Leeds, and the same can be said to Andre Villas Boas. Cole, Lampard, Drogba, Terry, Malouda, all are the old horses at Chelsea that believe they know what it takes to be champions. Yes they know it, but surely the manager has another level of knowledge and means that the players had no idea of it right?

Professionalism. Highlight of the movie (for me) is the high profile tv interview between Brian Clough and Don Revie. Imagine la, dua orang musuh secara tak sengaja dipanggil untuk interview tv (live rasanya) dengan soalan2 semua berkait antara satu sama lain. Like...imagine Ferguson dengan Wenger duduk dalam satu studio, pastu soalan bertubi2 untuk both sides saling tembak menembak. Crazy right? But what amazed me, is the professionalism shown by both men. They answer, they debate but never with cruel or harsh/vulgar words. Respect to both of them.

Personally (based on this movie), I like Brian Clough. He is a man with words, barrages of words. He just can't stop talking, and yes he talk with pride and wittiness too. What make him special? Well, he walk the talk. Apa yang dia kata dia boleh buat, memang dia berjaya. Hartlepool, Derby County, Nottingham, semua dia pegang dan jadikan champion. He really is the oldies type of Mourinho. No, dia lagi hebat. Semua 3 kelab yang dia pegang tu, kelab2 dari 2nd division and bottom of table pulak tu (hartlepool aku tak pasti). So, he's the boss yeah.

One of the highlight match of the movie

And, semalam saya dan abang2 dan adik saya tengok movie ni kat umah Awi. Again, impressed dan abang2 dan adik saya of kos puji dan kagum gila dengan Brian ni. Tambah lagi dengan isi cerita yang sangat boleh relate dengan Chelsea, dan ManU, haha.

Which makes me think, is there a possibility of a movie about Shankly? If there is one, i'll be in ecstasy yow.

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