Monday, November 28, 2011

Looking Back

Yesterday an angel said that she had been re-khatam again my blog, i mean reading back the old posts. I asked her why, she said just for fun, and the feeling is unique and different. She suggested the entry on 1.01.11 for me to read again. Of course I didn't remember the content. So the first thing I do when I'm back to my room- open my blog and search that entry. Then here's the entry.

...Damn. Then I continue reading the next entry, next, next, next till March dated one. The conclusion I got- no wonder la my eldest brother said before that based from my blog I was very jiwa kacau awal tahun ni. Aiya~~gua pun pelik o. macamana boleh tulis itu semua entry lo? Gila sungguh time tu.

Memang betul lah, you'll laugh back when you read what you have written in the past.

Anyway, I am free from most of the jiwa kacau things now=)


Entah kenapa, makin lama aku makin malas untuk tulis artikel bincang benda serius. Not in the mood kot. Eh nanti, seriuskah artikel2 sebelum ni? Fork, syiok sendiri ada la. Haahahhaha!

Anyway, this is useless no point entry. Just feel like typing, not clicking the mouse, so here I am writing this crap. Maybe because, I still have the yesterday's happy happy happy day mungkin. Ah, so happy!

To end it, let's layan this cute jiwang song by my favourite Japanese band- Judy and Mary.


rekbing said...

wow, dalam hati ada taman! :D

say- O said...

taman tasik chempaka, haha!

~**Raw Honey**~ said...

Moga takda lagi jiwa kacau lepas ni. Better focus in your study and grad from ukm proudly. All da best. ^^

say- O said...

wo wo yes sir!

bukan nama sebenar said...

slamat berbahgia dari saya yg juga bahgai...weee~ =)

say- O said...

yeah selamata berbahagia untuk bukan nama sebenar yang juga bahagia~


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