Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Life Is A Game

Saya suka main video game. Setiap kali saya main, maka saya akan main dengan sungguh2. Fully focus, no distraction. Games sekarang pulak makin maju. Makin sophisticated dan complicated. Bagaikan movie, bagaikan real life. Ada ketika dalam game tu kita kena buat decision yang akan decide the remaining story.

Well, orang kata life is a game. You gamble, you choose and you decide what to do. But people forget one thing.

Game kamu boleh save dan load bekali2 bila salah tindakan. Real life? Kamu play saja tanpa henti atau load kembali.

Things happened, decisions had been made, actions had been done. Those moments won't be coming back. For the good, or for the worst.

Yesterday was so different with today. I know, I regret it.

But, sometimes we tend to be preoccupied with the near situation,near atmosphere. We fail to see, to predict it wholly. Afterall, kita cuma manusia kan?

Oh and I don't like playing games with my heart. Too dangerous and too fragile.

Wait, mungkinkah ini karma? Only God knows.

-End of story-

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hazal said...

Life is a game. Not to us, but to Allah. But the word "game" is not suitable. Probably a "test".


Life is a Test


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