Thursday, July 21, 2011

Keyboard Warrior (with shield and sword)

Ever since i entered the blogging world lots of things had come through me and opened my eyes. Too many types of blogs I had walked through ranging from football, politics, gossips, education, secularism, islamic, personal views, daily reports and not to forget arts. But one thing for sure that each of these blogs were filled with.

Keyboard warriors.

Not the infamous Red Warrior, but the most fearsome warrior ever existed in the world of blogging (and you tube, and facebook). They are the warriors in the virtual world with or without names. They complained, they scorned and they punished others just for the sake of their self- satisfaction. Most of them become warriors of their ideology and belief, and faith. Anything that differ from their understanding, faith or sides are brutally attacked and condemned.


Everyone accept the rights of speech (in this case, the rights of typing). Everyone is entitled to their own perspectives and ideas and beliefs. So it is a common practice for anyone to express and write down their own words to anything that is in internet. But, everything has it's own limits.

You can't easily harrassed people by leaving disgraceful remarks on others ideas-efforts- beliefs.

That is something that happened a lot in internet. Especially in blogs, facebook, youtube and videos. At the first time I was perplexed and astonished to believe that such people do exist in this world. No, just if you don't agree with the someone's idea then it's ok to reply-comment- give alternatives but in a correct way and manner. Yes gentlemen, manners.

You certainly can't label someone as infidel-kafir-sesat-syirik just because his belief and religious anderstanding is a bit different from other's. Siapa kamu mahu hukum orang sesuka hati? Are you God? Are you sure your understanding and conceptions are spot on? I really feel irritated by those who use the words of God to justify their words and causes. One or two paragraph of condemning people and one final phrase of words of God. The others will see it as "o man that's so right!" But some were not so. And the war between messenger of God and the supposed infidel begins.

You certainly can't leave insulting comments and swearing. It will only make you lose your credibility and respect from others. Don't be childish, act like a man. Oh unless you are budak2 lagi, haha.

And not to forget those who attack others cruelly just for the sake of their belief- ideology- party. They will try to champion their cause no mater what-how they gonna do it. Kadang2 tu hujah yang diberi langsung takda fakta, malah lebih pada emosi dan andaian. And ironically, they will not use a traceable account. Mostly are Anonymous. Hiding behind the unknown title. Such cowardness really make them look sore losers. Too fear to be condemned personally maybe. Hahahaha.

Again, i say that it's ok and much- much appreciated if you have your own ideas-perspectives-comments-thoughts that you would like to share but please make it in a proper way. Be professional, show your class. Don't act like a budak baru nak up. Disgraceful.

Macam kata Noh dalam lagu Inspektor Remos

Muda memberontak etika yang kononnya akan dipegang sampai ke hari tuanya
Jari jemari contoh lidah tidak bertulang yang berkuasa
Sains dan agama tidak sehaluan menjadi puak-puak yang lemah
Hanya ditemani komputer untuk menulis blog mencampak batu menyorok tangannya

Bangkit kau jadi Pak Pandir
Berlari mencari kuncunya
Bangkit kau jadi Pak Pandir
Berlari mencari kuncunya
Bangkit kau jadi Pak Pandir
Berlari mencari kuncunya
Bangkit kau jadi Pak Pandir
Berlari mencari kuncunya

Digital kini semuanya digital-digital belaka
Dari syurga ke neraka dimuat turun ke dalam komputer ribanya
Cinta songsang diterbalik dunia mata keranjang laki-laki dan wanita
Pembangkang mahu publisiti murahan memfitnah cuma senjata ringannya

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hazal said...

betul! dalam apa jua keadaan, adab adalah paling penting. macam mana nak orang dengar klu bahasa yg dipakai buat orang xnak dengar?


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