Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Feel Great

One question only.

Yesterday I was in charge of DOE booth. Then the VVVIP came. She offer her hand and 'salam' me. I explained our job scope, she asked some questions, I answered all. Both in Malay and English. I presented her one DOE handy bag. We had our picture taken.

She is yang mulia Tuanku Intan Shafinaz.

I feel great. Damn great and proud.

You ada?


adah said...

mne gmbr?

Nurul Ain said...


rekbing said...

sapa intan syafinaz tu?

say- O said...

adah: gambar time dia lawat booth kami tak sempat amik sebab kesemua 4 lagi kawan aku tegamam dan gelabah, bediri pacak senyum saja.

ain: wowow!!!

rekbing: itulah anak kepada sultan kedah...

Raw Honey said...



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