Monday, December 31, 2012

2013. New Year Ramblings.

Just went back from PKNS. Went there to celebrate new year by eating something fancy. So end up at KFC, tried the Percik Nasi Ayam. You know the 2 ketul ayam, 1 mankuk sup dan kuah percik. Quite okay la. Sitting and eating alone, had lots of time to observe other people.

This one's soup is bad. Mine is better.

The table in front of me was occupied by a single mum and her 2 children. She looks young, barely 30 maybe. Wore young people casual clothing. You know the seluar track, baju tshir and cardigan, tudung. Quite garang to her children.

Table beside me got 2 arab men with 2 children (a boy and a girl). They only ordered two sets of burger. The burgers went to the children, the 2 men just sipping the drinks a little bit. They talked happily. Cannot understand a word. 

After dinner I went jalan2 inside the mall. Went to the Syabab bookstore. Or more precise, islamic bookstore. You can find every kind of islamic books there. From simplistic islamic novels to the kitab2 arab apa tah. They even sell Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Sahih Nisa. All full set. If i'm not wrong, the full set for Sahih Bukhari is RM4400. Sahih Muslim is RM2k something. Around those prices la. At least, thousands. Kitab2 Fiqah of course available too. 

What am I writing now? Haha.

In another 2 hours we gonna enter 2013.

Looking back at 2012, what had i done? A lot. Some very good, some okay2. Some very bad. 

Last year objectives? Some were finished, some are still dangling in front of me. And one of it is a very big objective, dancing in front of me. Mocking me. 


Thought gonna go to Dataran Putrajaya to watch Sambutan Tahun Baru there. Want to see Hujan perform live. Long time since me join a gig you know. Miss those sing-along session and headbangings. Well, cannot go. Don't have transport to go and, this wednesday got exam. 

 Never got the chance to watch them live

Not to forget at the same time at Shah Alam got sambutan tahun baru islamik style. With nasyeed, ustaz2, ustazah, some artists-'born again muslim' and of course ustaz kesayangan umat melayu- Ustaz Azhar Idrus. Quite sure la the next days there will be posts mocking the government-tahun baru event at putrajaya. Itu event maksiat, kerajaan sajikan maksiat, bla3. Even the penceramah2 there tonight might say those things first on the stage, haha.

He looks like Serj Tankian. Don't know him? Go die now.

Don't know why but I don't feel anything special tonight. Maybe got exams kot, and still some more to cover.

Nevermind la, Happy New Year everyone.

Goodbye 2012, welcome 2013.


AinAin said...

Happy New Year! May all good things will come to you. amin

N.W.I said...

happy new year gak sey o. haha. suprise me. aq ingat hg p mkn ngn rohanni semalam. dorg ada ckp gak hg p kfc masa kami duk sembang2 kat mapley menantikan bunga api keluar. haha.

say- O said...

ain: happy new year too. may we all success in our life.

NWI: haha dia tak berapa sihat nak keluaq. aku keluar sorang je, no problem.

~**Raw Honey**~ said...

Happy New Year !
Strive for the best in coming days! Jia you !

Auww..will have chance for another gig in future, dont worry!


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