Friday, October 12, 2012


There was once a joke that sound like this,

"Dear God please take Rihanna, Bieber and Nicki Minaj and return to us Kurt Cobain, Freddie and Elvis"

Well, it is just a joke. Can't be real, right?

Not anymore.

Because Freddie had returned. In shape of a more handsome looking white guy with no gigi kuda and his name is Nate Reuss. A singer in the band that is famous for their sing along hits 'We Are Young'. Don't believe it? Ok listen to this Queen's song, 


Ok now listen to Fun 'Some Nights'

Actually ada lagu Queen yang lain yang mana lagi sama dengan lagu dan suara Some Nights, tapi tak ingat tajuk.

Anyway, they both sound the same. Very identical to each other. Not to mention, that this is only the first album of Fun. They are relatively young and new, they still can improve and create greater songs. At last, faith in humanity- restored. Something to look forward rather than the stupid american famous genre. You know, the bling2 nigger in MTV, the Bieber stereotype and Minaj and so on...

So gonna sit back and enjoy their album. Yeah downloaded version. Cannot afford to buy original one.Gonna let this new Freddie amuse me. 

And maybe, just maybe, God will answer the rest of the prayer? New Elvis, new Kurt Cobain? Hahaha just keep on wishing bro.

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