Monday, October 29, 2012


Last Thursday was a holiday and UKM was like Silent Hill. Most of the students had already went home except for some stubborn ones, haha. And that included me, heh.

So to capitalize the chance of cuti and possibility of not many people expected at the city, we went to KLCC. So pumped up to go since it's one of the places of interest that i have no memory of it. After arriving and surveying the shops inside, it's clear why students don't like to flock KLCC. It's not a student attraction to be honest. All are expensive-high end-luxurious shop. 

 Ini pun cantik juga.

 The camera is too small.

The only things that may interest the students uni type are... wayang, foodcourt, watsons, kinokuniya. And maybe Petrosains (because it is the cheapest amongst Skybridge-Aquarium-Petrosains.) But don't have arcade station. Boring.

I love the food court. The reasons are simple- it is clean, attractive, reasonable price (bagi saya orang loqstaq, ia tetap mahai) and most importantly...SEDAP SUNGGUH. There I found the best ever nasi ayam i had ever taste. And i really mean it. One day if I accidentally stand up there in the food court again I will makan nasi ayam tu lagi. Serious sedap. Oh my God sedapnya.

Best ever nasi ayam.

Kinokuniya. The mother of all bookstores in Malaysia. MPH-Borders-Popular boleh duk diam2. This is the real deal. Last time i went inside was...10 years ago I think. So much had been said about Kinokuniya and yes it didn't disappoint me. Instead, it surprised me badly. Why? Because I strongly believe that you can find almost any book you want there. Novel? Fiction? Literature? History? Philosophy? War? Bibliography? Children books? Semuanya ada. Siapa ada ruangan majalah dari Jepun. And there the first time I saw the infamous Shonen Jump. I was actually surprised of it's thickness. Tebal woi. I thought it was more like Kreko.

Oh one super happy reason at Kinokuniya is... I found the book I'd been searching for in the past 4 years. Musashi, written by Eiji Yoshikawa. This legendary best-seller is the original reference/inspiration to Vagabond, the most stylish graphic novel-manga which is created by Takehiko Inoue. It's a deep and full of philosophies. Philosophies of life, struggle and inner peace. All those philosophies are Buddhism-oriented. So extremists sekalian, sila haramkan manga Vagabond ini. Bakar secara pukal buku Musashi ni. Jakim boleh datang dan banned buku ni,haha. After gaining permission from my father only I bought the book. It's too expensive. Don't feel right if didn't ask for permission first. Thanks abah.

The entrance. From Google search.

Me with my capture. Try to guess the price.

After all the eating-movieing-kinokuniyaing we went to the park below. And...I don't feel safe there. Got 3,4 thugs each been holding Samsung Galaxy Note and keep coming to any passerby and offering it. You imagine this- brader indon/myammar/siam/akutatau dengan rambut gaya samseng kaler2, pakai rantai leher, gelang lengan,dressing mcm samseng,ada walkie talkie. Muka pecah rumah habis. Datang kat mana2 yang nampak macam pelancong-bukan orang situ dan kata "bang, samsung bang? Mau?" Seriously I don't feel safe if there are people like that around me. What if i accidentally went to a secluded area, then he roger his member (using walkie-talkie) to do some business with me? Paksa beli ke, atau lagi teruk he robbed me of my sling bag stuffed with camera and wallet. Ottoke? So, prevention is much safer. We took some pictures and went straight into the mall. My conclusion- Putrajaya gardens are the best. Beautiful, soothing, clean, safe. SAFE.

One of the reasons why i planned to go to KLCC was to try the pink coloured GoKL bus. The famous free bus service for anyone. The very one reason why taxis bradah emo and mengamuk. Let me tell you a bit about GoKL. This service was first operational on the end of last August. It has 2 main routes. Green route and Pink route. Each route will make a track circle of it's own and will be connected with each other at 3,4 points. Oh forgot pula, those two routes all passed places of interest such as KLCC, Times Square, KL Tower, Pavillion, Bukit Bintang and so on. With it being free of charge, it really a treat to the people. What more, with free WiFI lagi. All hail BN! All hail Najib!!

The routes.

The Bus.

We stopped at Pavillion, snap some pictures and pray Maghrib there. Oh yeah i was a bit unlucky, there were no more budak2 baru nak up lepak kat tangga besar Pavillion tu. Maybe the authorities had kill them off, I don't know. Whatever, 2 things caught my attention there. 1- Surau. It feels very luxurious and high class. 2- Japan Corner at the top level. Very Japanese like style of shops. Designs, concept, everything. Even the toilet lor. Haha. Still got no arcade station. Boring. Oh talked about surau. The best surau in a mall goes to...KLCC. Very spacious, comfortable and tak dampy. So much win.

Can't find any of these girls on that day.

We arrived at UKM station around 830pm and it was raining badly. So bad that the 3 junction at the taxi stop was badly flooded and there you go, a temporary river. Strong water flow that make all the aweks berdiri tepi saja. Cannot move anywhere, truly trapped. It's bad and the pihak berkuasa should feel bad. Not wanting to waste time, we opened our shoes, lipat2 seluar and cross the river. Someone was so happy crossing it. She said she never played flood before. Haha kesian...

Aih i don't know what more to write.Planned to write a simple and short one and combined with some stories from weekend mini gathering at rumah Din. Just want to practice my english writing skills. Nevermind, next time la.


wann afzan™ said...

A nice journey through the city indeed. Tapi dari KLCC ke Pavilion tu boleh jalan kaki je. Ada jalan yang senang. Naik bas akan ambil masa yang lama nak sampai plus jammed semua. Baca ni rasa teringin nak jelajah KL balik. Haha. Nice post =)

say- O said...

oh thanks2. kami naik bas tu sebab nak merasa GoKL tu. actually nak naik dua2 route, tapi macam tak sempat saja. nanti kalau g kl nak pusing2, naikla bas tu. banyak and free!

N.W.I said...

wah..........i dah duk slangor ni baru sekali je jalan g kl, tu pun g jalan tar je masa bulan ramadan 1st yer, =___= kesian...........

aku kene jelajah kl sebelum grad at least~

~**Raw Honey**~ said...

Putrajaya park also dangerous cuz got no people. Die alone there also no one knows. haha.
KLCC's surau is soo soo far away from the suria KLCC. Yup,indeed the best mall prayer hall I've seen.
I've never been to jalan Tar b4~ no one takes me there ! haha

~**Raw Honey**~ said...

oh lupa, makanan kat food court KLCC mmg sedappppppp.

say- O said...

waida: nak pergi nanti, jom boleh saja~ senang saja. naik ktm ke kl sentral, naik lrt ke klcc. pastu pusing kl guna bas free. great deal~

say- O said...

rohani: putrajaya at least got brader2 anne gardener, tak akan mati sorang. the key is- feel safe. oh memang sedap. termimpi2 punya sedap.


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