Sunday, May 29, 2011


Some of the things that I had learnt in the past 2 months.

I admit that I am a bit immature in this part. I, should never- ever label every new girls/ boys that I met as same as my regular other friends. It was...childish to do so. Everyone of us is special and different. Yes they may shine the same aura as our other friends but that was the outer surface. Their style, their social life, their limits and habits are still yet unknown. How could I made easy assumptions?

Working life.
To be honest, I really feel out of depth in this part. They are in...different world and level. Their scope of conversation's topics are a bit off to me. Just, another level. Different mindset and thinking way maybe. Certainly I had not reached it yet. Mungkin sebab diorang semua dah ada family kot?

Nothing much. Just getting more confused than ever. Getting more (possibly) false hopes. Doesn't matter, cause I still believe in my brother's advice. Flirting? No. Who am I to flirt around?

Yes this is good. I started to learn and understand deeper each of our role. Still have the feelings that I had not done enough, but still trying. Not to forget, the role of Qaisara Sofea. She really add something new to our family as wholly. Very cute little baby girl, just can't get enough of her. Yeay!

I am getting the love of basketball back in my heart again. Thanks to my friends at Taman Rimba, they really are nice people. Though I move heavily and extremely slow, at least I have something to look forward whenever evening come. Come on!!!

And for the conclusion...K-Pop is absolute plastic and fake. Enough said.

-Qaisara Sofea-

-End of story-


jiran akak kastam.akak kastam 2 bergaya ah.~ said...

aiyakk comeyynya..!!!!!

say- O said...

memang comey. kena la pak cik dia, kacak.

~**Raw Honey**~ said...

haha,still have a long journey to go man !
p/s : KPop have many genre under it ya know~ but i prefer the dance and hip hop music + rap ~ muahahha

say- O said...

serdang: haha, learning curve is forever. fat curve is increasing, damn.

tapi say0 memang tak leh dengaq lagu korea..haha


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