Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Memorable Day

With all the problems of mine being put aside, I would like to share with you my personal experiences that are 'first times'. Hahahaha, wait burades ando sishuta, there's nothing sexual going to be written here. Just cool and relax.

1. My First Time- Playing Video Game

Hm...honestly I can't quite remember when it happened. Maybe in the year 1994, or perhaps 1993. The God-sent machine is the classic MicroGenius. It was a similar type to NES. The year when gaming was all about commitment, mental strength, and unbreakable desire to stare at your big shining black box for 5-6 straight hours. Games that are legendary for me are such as Batman, Street Fighter 2, Ninja Turtles, Robocop and one Ninja Game that mostly run fast and jump highly onto trees. A very cool game. Oh not to forget, this fella really bring back sweet gaming memories.

Contra- Legendary. Forever

2. My First Time- Going to School

Yeah baby...this will forever etched in my mind. This is one of my special moment with my abah. That day he was the one who sent me to school. Abah is a smart and handsome man. His most frequent sentences- "abah smart dak?"haha..On that day, while other daddy wore very simple clothes like a black pant and simple t-shirt with kopiah, abah dressed like a real office man. He is in different class.

Then, the first place he brought me inside the school is? Toilet. I don't know about other guy, but that's where he brought me first. He taught me what to do when I felt like having to pee or dump. All those simple yet extremely important things were explained and taught. Hahaha, he didn't want me to mess my trousers or worst, berak dalam seluar just like what happened to my classmate in the coming days. Hahaha, abah hangpa tak ajaq..tudia la.

This one is 6x cleaner than that toilet

3. My First Time- Getting Great Marks

It was when I was in Darjah 5-6 I think. Those days, I was amongst the brightest pupils. Whenever examination results came out, I was the regular holder of top 5. Never was I got 6 or below..what a talent. Hahahaha. Especially my English, if not first it will be 2nd highest. All thanks to my brother Pahlavi for introducing some great English bands to me like Pulp, Blur, Oasis and Sleeper. Aha, almost forgotten. Eventhough I was a great achiever at that time but inexplicably I (with the whole classmates) were labelled as arrogant. Haih..even till now I can't figure out why the teachers did so. Misteri sampai mati rasanya.

Just A+? Very general

4. My First Time- Getting Great Reward

Well, as far as I can remember it had to be my PSone. Hell yeah, the one and only console video game that I craved so much during my final years at elementary school. At first I asked my abah if he could give me a PSone as a congratulation present for my UPSR's 5As and his reaction was quite unconvincing..sorry abah, susahkan abah pula time tu. To my surprise at one fateful afternoon he returned home with it!! And to my..disenchantment, he didn't brought me with him to buy it..which resulting in he picked 90% free war games...haha. Anyway, thanks abah. Sampai skarang pun ok lagi PSone tu.

It functions well only for those who treasured it

5. My First Time- Accident

It happened when I was 5 years old. That afternoon I was planning to play some bendera with my big brother, Nasruddin. You know..stuff like making one flag with a pole and a Jalur Gemilang then run around shouting, laughing..all those kid's things. So, he hold the pole with his left hand while the other hand was searching the top of a quite high cupboard. So, I as a good helping brother, I climb the small ledge of the cupboard. Searched, nothing found. I jumped down. Vertically.

My chin hit the iron pole perfectly. Lost senses for about 10 seconds then all hell's broke loose. My mother frantically asked for neighbour's help for a car (my father went to army camp with his car) and my neighbour Pak Wan generously drove me and my mother to hospital. There I undergo minor stitching operation. I can't remember for how many stitches and I can't even remember how much pain I felt along that stitching job. Ow yes, at the final touches by the doctor, my father showed up, in his smart army officer uniform. Smiling, he said "sakit dak? takpa sikit ja tu." Hahaha, nakai sungguh.

Most likely, that hurts

Seriously, there are aplenty more. But..lain kali lah. If you have your moments too, feel free to share. I'm open=)


ismeth said...

hg x tulih pon 1st time usha porn..haha~~

say- O said...

sila fahami ayat ni,haha
there's nothing sexual going to be written here

nurul saadah said...

bi hang power .. ak kena copy and paste ke google translate bru phm..haha

say- O said...

mana da...sket je tu, ramai yang lagi power,haha


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