Monday, March 28, 2011

How Do You Feel?

q: How do you feel?

When you can make friends by joining a special but alien society?

a: I feel happy and anxious too.

q: How do you feel?

As time passes by, those friends to you are like your siblings, fathers, mothers, grandpas, grandmas, hot girl next door, scandals and whatever it is which make you feel like dying if not seeing them even just for a day?

a: I feel blessed to God, for giving me friends like these. Friends that are more than just friends.

q: How do you feel?

When your society produced a lot of success, winning and making names among the others?

a: Of course, I'm very proud and grateful of it since it is a collective effort by everyone in that special society. It's not as easy as it looks.

q: How do you feel?

When your society was not supported by your own...supervisor/boss/employee/king/queen even though you had won almost everything you could that subsequently boost your boss name and pride?

a: I feel gutted and confused.

q: How do you feel?

Lately, your society was quietly and slowly being straggled by stupid and unreasonable rules/ reasons that in truth are suffocating you and damaging your society from working?

a: I feel betrayed and trapped.

q: How do you feel?

When you yourself was back- stabbed by one of your own friend in the society?

a: This I can't explain how. It's a terrible thing. Very, very terrible.

q: How do you feel?

When you realize that your boss is quietly sending his agent/s to watch your society? When your boss is recruiting your society's friends as his/her aids..?

a: I believe that he/she wants to suppress us. This is near to the limit.

q: How do you fe..

Shut the fuck up. Enough. Enough.


I don't understand. I can't see the intentions. I can't put in some logic reasoning. I don't fucking understand it.

Why? Why does X despise us so much? Ok, why does X didn't support us? Why does X literally abandon us?

Are we unproductive? Are we useless? Did we won nothing? Hell no, that can't be right. We won things. A lot. Every time a tournament happened, our name are always up there. We produced, we performed, we won.

Are we arrogant? Are we 'vulgar'? The only thing that might be is..we created a lot of noise at night. Hell yeah that's what we are. We are not practicing chess. We are not librarians.

If there is anything else, speak. Tell us. Explain. Don't straggle us. Don't suppress us. Don't act as if nothing happened.

Arghh, this is going nowhere, I know. This might be just a long-stupid-mumbling from an old man. But this old man saw what he didn't expect to see. This old man experience the harsh treatment that is unexplainable to be done.

This old man can't see any reasoning anymore. His heart is blackened by pure hatred and being corrupted away. No repentance.

So, it's true that after all love do can breed hatred.

-End of story-


redbean said...

nampak macam ada masalah. cari jalan terbaik. u can do it! :)

say- O said...

hahhaha, ni bukan masalah peribadi, ni masalah komuniti. memang dah terbaik punya jalan...haha

ecahmiaishika said...

chill is~~~ko kena jumpa ak ni~~hahaah=p

nur wahida said...

gambaq kucing tu tetap comel wlaupun with red eye!~ hahaha...

what else can we do to win X's heart?

cara kasar @ cara halus?

say- O said...

ecah: hahaha~~bbq nanti jumpa ah!!

waida: tak tau dah. mungkin bila kita jadi geng halaqah kot.

leha lah ni. said...

cara last: MENGIPAS RAMAI2 SELAJU BOLEYH.ngaahahhaahahahhahaahah

say- O said...

leha: kalau air-cond?


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