Sunday, January 15, 2012


You. Yes, you all. Terus terang, DOT. If you read this.

Sorry if i'm over protective, or over obsessive.

Sorry if I over-estimate the issue, or in other words- i blew it out of proportion.

Sorry if I'm a busy body. Who doesn't know anything else other than keeping myself busy with other's business.

Sorry if I am the main reason that things getting hotter, and more complicated.

Sometimes people just don't realize that maybe what they are doing in the name of love and care are actually hurting them more. They just never know.

Only now I know exactly the rationales of my father's actions. Now I know, what it means by all that. At least, a bit.

I'll keep to my words. That will be my last words. I won't interfere anymore. It's time to let go.

Sorry everyone.

Good luck for the future. All the best!

1 comment:

wann afzan™ said...

Xpe lah Say O. Kitorang semua tau Say O amik berat. Tapi hal2 privasi, ramai orang xnak share. Tu je.. =)


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