Monday, January 14, 2013

SharifahZohra, Bawani, Listenx44 dan Rage.

Lately, apa lately, baru hari ni tiba2 heboh dengan video 'Listen Listen Listen Listen Listen Listen to me'. What is this video? Here it is, sila tengok dan fahami dulu.

Ok, mari saya komen pasal video ini.

Bermula dengan sorang student laki tu baca ikrar. Ikrar yang dibaca pun bunyinya sangat 'anti opposition'. Even puan/lecturer/VIP yang kat depan pun senyum2 sinis saja bila baca ikrar tu. Fine, this is a government wing punya program. We go on.

Then there's the question and answer. Seorang student ni bangun dan bertanya soalan. Before that, her name is Bawani KS. I don't know what that KS means but nevermind, we gonna call her as Bawani. From her FB page that i found, she is involved in campus political scenery. Means, she's someone that is brave and bold enough to compete for majlis perwakilan pelajar punya seat. 

Ok back to the video. There she asked a question, no excuse me, she rather looked like lecturing the moderator/government about things that she believed were not rightly done in this country. Things such as Bersih, demonstrations, rights to berhimpun and of course PTPTN and free education issue. Jujurnya, cik Bawani ini nampak seperti lepas geram. Miss, I know your intention is pure and eager for explanations and answers but please control your rage and semangat membara tu. Because your style of speaking can affect the mind and emotion of the one who's gonna answer your question.

Thus, memang affected teruk.

The moderator, Puan/Cik (not sure) Sharifah Zohra had done a grave grave liang lahad mistake. She stopped Cik Bawani from finishing, pulled of her mike, walk around her (circling in front of her like a detective investigating a criminal), bash her, belittle her education level, accused  Bawani of not respecting  her, and so much more i can't remember. When answering, most of her topics are about etika and animals problems (?).

In case of Puan Sharifah, I'm not sure whether she cannot find answers for Cik Bawani's questions or just plainly irritated by Cik Bawani's machinegun questions. But i believe it's a good combination of both. 

Saya boleh dengan selamatnya kata, cara Puan Sharifah jawab/handle cik Bawani adalah sangat tak professional. Memalukan. Unprofessional. Stupid. Uncivilized. Dan bermacam un un un lagi. Tambah pula, sorang panelis orang putih pun kalau kita tengok body language dia- dia tak setuju dengan cara Puan Sharifah handle Cik Bawani. He even tried to get in but was cut off immediately by Puan Sharifah. To top it all, she alih topik with 'siapa mahu samsung galaxy note?' Homagad.

Tapi the biggest, biggest wonder of the day is...why the hell majority of the other students in the hall were CLAPPING HANDS WHILE BAWANI WAS CLEARLY HUMILIATED AND BASHED UNJUSTLY? Why? Kenapa? Timkai? Jika ya pun mereka majoritinya penyokong government/UMNO/BN tetapi tidak kah mereka rasa yang cara Puan Sharifah tu handle cik Bawani adalah sangat sick and disgraceful? I watched this video with disgust, cannot accept the character assassination that was going. Tak bergerak. Terpaku. But in the video most of the students (Malay girls, mind you) were clapping and smiling. Just the Chinese and some Malay were showing frown faces. 

What happen? Cannot they assess the situation as something disgraceful no matter what political skewness you are? One source I found said that the other students were not knowing that the event was a government skewed event. Thus not daring to object or fight back. But please, clap hands and smiling? If you afraid of fighting, then don't support. Don't clap hands. Don't smile. Show the least resistance you can. Itu pun tak boleh?

Now the #sharifahzohra trending in Twitter is getting wild. People are bashing her back. More like a padan muka from the citizens of Malaysia. All kind of races enter the stage. However one thing I don't like is the language they used to bash her. Mereka semua marah yang Puan Sharifah ni menghina Cik Bawani but then they (some only) themselves use all sorts of vulgar-ugly-carut-lucah words to hit her. Please be sensible people. Don't be irony to the situation ok.

Hopefully, Puan Sharifah akan minta maaf pada Cik Bawani atas kesilapan beliau itu. Mungkin Puan Sharifah tu kurang sihat pada waktu forum itu, siapa tahu. Harapnya juga, tiada lagi perkara sebegini berlaku. Ianya hanya akan memalukan Malaysia, Melayu, Islam, Government, BN, education in Malaysia dan lain2.


Anonymous said...

There was nothing wrong in the way the student expressed her opinion. That is just how people speak in debates. Have you never attended a parliamentary style debate or perbahasan BM before?

say- O said...

Thanks anon for your comment,

If i'm not wrong it's a forum, not a debate. even the title of the video said it's a 'forum suara mahasiswa', so it must be a forum. Furthermore she's an audience, not a panelist on the stage. Yes she hadn't done anything technically wrong, that's true. But i believe when you as an audience are standing up to ask a question in a forum, it is best to stay calm and speak clearly. Why? To get the best answers, you need to make the targeted audience calm. If not, the possibility of them to panicked-gone crazy will rise. Thus, it happened in this case.

Anyway, that's just my opinion. Again, she done nothing wrong but it would be better and more helpful if she speak a bit calmer than that. Answering your question, yes I watched those debates countless of times. During school, universities and from youtube.

FiZ said...

She's just too emotional. Both of them.But, for me, Ms. Bawani tu tak salah. Dia cuma nak tahu, cuma cara dan intonasi percakapan dia yang membuatkan so called Pn Sharifah tu pun ter-emosi. Menjadikan cara dia nak stopkan Bawani tu dr bercakap dengan cara yang sangat tak profesional. Very un-professional.

Pelik jugak, apsal la ramai budak bertepuk tangan bila Sharifah tu bercakap...Nampak macam dia je betul, Bawani tu salah.hmmm

eh..apesal aku plak emo ni.hoho

Nazrin Saad said...

Entah-entah yang tepuk tu as a sign of sarcasm tak?

I would do that.

say- O said...

fiz: sbagai sorang presiden SW1M dan sbagai sorang yg education tinggi, tak patut dia reply macamtu. Kesan dia smpai sekarang menyepi. Sampai ke sudah orang akan ingat dia sebagai listen lady. Kesian.


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