Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Two Newborn Babies.

Two newborn babies in a hospital, lying on their cradles side to side. 

One from a poor family, one from a rich family. When they grow up, the rich baby will study at the highest quality level ever. Speak english in the house, got tuitions to improve the score. Enrolled in high standard school, further the study at high-class oversea university in UK. Speak like a Londoner, friends with europeans, dress elegantly. Come back home where the house is big and the life is luxurious, he enter business with some help from his father's connections/help. Got married to a girl from another rich family, datuk maybe.

While the poor baby has to help his family little business, selling kuih on the roadside. Study at normal sekolah kebangsaan and sekolah menengah kebangsaan. Due to part time work with family and maybe some irrational gang activities and maybe not enough encouragement to study hard, he will get just 'cukup makan' result. Thus he will not go for tertiary education. Secure a 'cukup makan' job. Got married to a girl from another poor family, and possibly same level of job.

Now both are men. The poor man lives in a low cost house, or rent house. Living in what people say 'kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang'. There's always a fear for money.

The rich man lives in a bungalow. Live luxuriously. Never ever a moment of worry for money.

Two newborn babies in a hospital, lying on their cradles side to side.


AinAin said...

aisyhhh boleh check baby ni. hohooho

Anonymous said...

Not totally accurate..

say- O said...

ainain: haha check baby betul2! ini selalu terjadi kat dalam komik.haha~

anon: yeah not accurate 100% but the general concept is there if extra help/efforts were not made there, haha~

N.W.I said...

lama sudah tidak singgah ini blog. haha.

benda yg aku nmpak bukan tertuka bayi or apa2 la mcm drama tv kt entry ni, ini macam flow of live.
aq..aq..dr kecik sgt envy nk mampos dgn anak2 org kaya yg xpyh nk strggle lbh2 utk achieve smthng. dan better in all sort of thing.
lg2 kwn2 cine. pergh, adk brdk sikit. rumh besa. kereta besa. selalu brcerite mlncong sana sini.godd accessory,dress,food etc. pndai juge.get lots of attention. hurm.

say- O said...

NWI: yeah kita memang jeles. tapi orang kata hidup senang selepas struggle is much sweeter and meaningful dari senang dari kecik lg.

faizal said...

eventually, poor baby kena work hard so dia xmewarisi kemiskinan keluarganya.memandingkan sy pun datang dari keluarga xkaya, saya selalu ingatkan diri, yg dari mana sy datng xpenting, tapi dimana saya berada itu yg penting.memang bukan senang, no time untuk enjoy2 sangat macam orang kaya.

bak kata pepatah,lebih kurang macam ni bunyinya, it's not ur fault to born poor, but it;s ur fault to death poor"..


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